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Loot Goblin

Grab some coins with Loot Goblin in his quest to collect as much sweet sweet loot as possible. Free to download on Google Play.

Coming Soon

New games and special projects are in development! Follow @gemtokengames on Twitter to stay in the loop.

About GemToken

GemToken Games is an independent game development studio currently in residence at UTSC's The Hub. This startup was founded with the mission of creating fun, engaging experiences and products, and exploring new ways of thinking about how people play.

Our Core Values

  • Explore new ways of play
  • Experiment with old and new
  • Delight new players
  • Captivate seasoned gamers
  • Design beautiful games
  • Learn from player feedback
  • Find innovative solutions
  • Always have fun


Check out some of our recent work, along with some snapshots of stuff that GemToken is currently working on.

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